Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

Preliminary and planning sketches on vellum overlaying a first draft of text output for Don Drake's book 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road'

I still have the ongoing distraction of a bathroom remodel (which is my wife's summer project for us), but I feel I've been too long away from the Chicken book. (Obsessing with the election is not helping either)

Illustrating this book and planning how I want to print it is far outside my comfort zone. So legitimate delays quickly become a problem of overcoming creative inertia.

So, to alleviate my growing sense of 'stuck', I pulled up the sketches and studies I've accumulated and started a new design overlay on the text output. I'm finding I'm a little more able to visualize what I want in certain areas. So the time away bore some fruit. The December deadline should be attainable. But my October appearance at the [](Book Arts Jam) may not be possible. I'll have something to show but probably not a finished book.

Preliminary sketch overlay with production notes for Don Drake's book 'Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road'

I've learned to leave myself many notes as I work. Even if I never refer to them again, the act of writing them seems to cement them in my memory. And if I do forget as new ideas sweep me along, they often pull me back to beneficial trains of thought.

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