Components for three notebooks

February notebook projects

Components for three notebooks more

Don Drake's first experiments with gel printing

Getting Introduced to Gel Printing

The way elements in successive prints reappear and evolve offers nice opportunities for multiple prints to be combined. more

A finished copy of Luis Delgado's Cuentos Chinos displayed on his Malulu table at the 2013 Codex in the Craneway Pavillion, Richmond, CA

Cuentos Chinos

A finished copy of Luis Delgado's Cuentos Chinos displayed on his Malulu table at the 2013 Codex in the Craneway Pavillion, Richmond, CA more

Quarterbound pamphlet bindings

Top-of-the-line Pamphlet - Holiday Edition

In this holiday edition of the pamphlet binding workshop we'll organize our efforts around creating a holiday recipe book.Take the simple and useful pamphlet binding to the next level. Get your first taste of pari... more

A slipcase with a graceful-curved edge

Slip Case Intensive

Arrive with your book (or precise dimensions) and leave with your completed slip case covered in any of the book cloth or papers in my stock. We'll cover all the details of creating a lined, double walled slip cas... more

Reusable covers for notepads

Reusable Notepad Cover

Learn to make attractive, refillable covers for spiral bound and glued notepads. We'll make covers, sized for a stenographer's pad, with cloth on the front and back and a leather spine (quarter bound). Each ... more

Notes about organizing a web site

Planning Your Web Site: What's it all about, Alfie?

On offer in this session is a day of discussing the how and WHY of websites. I& But technology is only a tool. Web sites, like art and life, are about content and relationships. The real goal for the day is to open y... more

Rolls of book cloth

I Bought This Cloth and...

So, you found the perfect cloth but your not sure how to cover your project with it. It's too thin and adhesive goes right through; it's very thick and you'll have a big lip on the inner cover when you do ... more

Sample of eggshell panels

Eggshell Panels

Leather box with removable lid more

Bench Skill: Adhesives workshop banner

Bench Skills: Adhesives

Wheat paste and PVA are the cornerstones of my adhesive arsenal. In this session we'll explore the how's and why's of these two versatile adhesives. The proper use of adhesives is dictated by the materials... more

Detail of an eggshell panel covered kaleidoscope.

Eggshell Panels - Holiday Edition

Lacquered eggshell can be applied to many objects, creating a fascinating and beautiful surface. In this special holiday edition workshop we& - make eggshell panels that can be cut to size and inlaid - make panels dir... more

Handouts for the Bench Skills Intensive

Bench Skills Intensive

This two day intensive will cover all the material from the Adhesives and Cutting workshops PLUS a segment on jigs and templates. Brace yourself for a tsunami of information! more

The scale and stop on a board shear

Bench Skills: Cutting

Accurate cutting is the starting point for quality binding work and can directly effect the function of your finished projects. In this Bench Skills session we'll look at the use of a variety of cutting tools and ... more

A sketch showing the parts of a clam shell box

The Clamshell Box and Its Variations

This is the classic. A favorite of photographers the world over. One of the major variations on this design is to leave the spine wall of the base completely open. When working with a customer to design a clamshell bo... more

A sketch showing the parts of a clam shell box

Clamshell Box

If you're ready for a challenge, learn to make the classic and versatile clamshell box. Learn some essential tricks for creating accurate parts for your box, the advantages of double wall constructions, factors to... more

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