Leather Ring Binders

Black notebooks in 3 possible sizes (back to front): to contain 8.5 x 11", to contain 5.5 x 8.5", to contain 3.75 x 6.75". The middle notebook has the two-pen-loop option.

This is a typical full leather notebook. Notice the horizontal back pocket and pen loop. Terra cotta goat and forest green liners, a classic Hugh Stump color combination. Also notice the blind debossed initials in the lower right corner, a popular option.

Many standard notebook fillers are available in office supply stores. Never the less, a few customers order calendars and and note paper from Dreaming Mind each year. Our pages are made with the same fine paper as our journals, heavy and tolerant of a range of writing instruments including fountain pens.

Twenty-five women in this family combined efforts to fill this cookbook, given as a Christmas gift. It holds 8.5 x 11" pages with 2" capacity.

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Matching other items in his office set, this customer requested an alligator and goatskin notebook with goatskin liners. Needing a special narrow notebook to fit inside a case, he also requested ruled notepaper to fit.

Custom 3 ring binder

I’ve made several of these 3" capacity notebooks for this customers United States stamp collection. The rings can only be opened using the levers at the end of the mechanism. In the vertical position the lever locks the rings shut.

A matched journal and pocket notebook in burgundy and black. The cloth on the 8.5 x 5.5" journal is black slub. The 3" wide notebook uses black alligator. The 1/4" capacity notebook rings were custom manufactured for Dreaming Mind in Europe.

After a long hunt, I finally had these miniature notebook rings custom made by a fine European manufacturer. The rings are 1/4" capacity, 3" wide. I make the notebooks in a variety of lengths and materials. Of course you can get note paper to your specifications too. Blank, ruled, quadrille, whatever. Inside back pocket standard.

An old cloth notebook/cookbook was coming apart at the hinges (see next picture). A charming illustration and story had been attached to the covers. The art and story were salvaged for this new leather cookbook. This terracotta goatskin notebook has the title done on a leather label to balance the illustration.

This text was salvaged from the old covers and mounted on heavy pages as content in the cookbook. The interior shows the front and back horizontal pockets and pen loop.

Dreaming Mind’s pocket sized notebooks can be made with cloth and leather (goat), full leather or alligator. This is not the cowhide stamped with an alligator pattern you will commonly see in commercial products. This alligator is farmed in Texas.
The interior liners may be cloth or goatskin.

Custom notebook variations

Two cloth and leather notebooks (burgundy/burgundy and terra cotta/tan) stand in the background. The two 11 x 17" notebooks are covered in black cow hide. Goats are too small to allow a continuous cover on such large pieces. The black notebooks are to hold floor plans for a home developer. The journal is rich brown goat and green slub cloth.

This repeat customer collects cars. He has small notebooks made to contain detailed service records for each. The closed notebook contains a 6 ring mechanism and features blind debossing, a closing belt and a pen loop. In addition to these options, it contains a front corner pocket and horizontal back pocket.

Zipper pocket for leather notebook

This front corner zipper pocket is an option for a notebook or portfolio. Also shown is an optional business card pocket.

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