A Production Run for Amending Self

I've started a production run of Amending Self. I want to submit it for 23 Sandy's Built.

I think I'll have to write a strong statement to connect this to their stated concept. I believe I can do it.

A stack of partially assembled boxes

Detail of a partially assembled box

Partially assembled boxes for Don Drake's 'Amending Self'.

A stack of 'Amending Self' boxes, partially assembled

Production is moving along well. I just have to make the liners and do the assembly.

The label from a package of tin coated sheet steel

The more difficult part is making the möbius strip 'page'. In the past I've mounted this page in the box with a complicated tab created from card stock. But I've watched people interact with the work several times. The möbius strip seems to compel people to touch it to try and understand the structure.

So this time I'm going to try making the attachment tab out of sheet metal to make the finished piece more tolerant of audience curiosity.

The printed sheets for the construction of the mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

The preparation of the möbius strip 'page' for this book was a bit of a challenge. I developed a technique for the first few copies which worked ok. As I approached this run, I wanted to improve the process.

Each strip is made from three components. A tab that acts as both the end-point connection and page mount. Two identical printed strips which when mounted back-to-back for the pages itself.

For the first copies I glued the printed strips to each other and left open a small amount at each end of the strip. Once this assembly was dry, I twisted the assembly into shape and glued in the tab to lock the strip into the final configuration.

The main problem with this it seemed, was that the strip was fairly stiff and it was difficult the neatly form the final piece.

As mentioned earlier to improve durability of the final work I went to a pieces of sheet steel for the tab rather than cardstock.

small pieces of thin sheet steel.

My new technique is to form the page shape with one strip and the tab, then wrap the second strip onto the assembly as a second step.

Partially assembled mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

Mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

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