A sketch showing the parts of a clam shell box

Clamshell Box

If you're ready for a challenge, learn to make the classic and versatile clamshell box. Learn some essential tricks for creating accurate parts for your box, the advantages of double wall constructions, factors to... more

Materials for the Bill Owens 5 Decades boxes

Bill Owens: 5 Decades

This afternoon I got a couple of jobs shipped out and needed to shift gears. My paperwork is lagging behind but... I've had these Bill Owens box assembled and waiting for a while now so I pulled out the cloth I nee... more

Getting started on Jackson Nichol's Forcado portfolio

Jackson Nichol's Forcado portfolio

Red boxes seem to be the order of the day. Jackson's portfolio *. The liners will be black. more

Non-traditional cloth to be used in a binding project

Unbacked cloth

This material is not the traditional, paper back book cloth used in many of my bindings. I could go through the process of backing it myself. But in this application and with this cloth there is no need. I will hav... more

An absurd number of box parts ready for assembly

In the studio

Though work is moving through the studio, I'm still feeling like I'm stalled. So I went out to the garage and sanded all these box parts that have been waiting. This will let me get some shells assembled and possibly ... more

Testing a cardstock inlay in a colth covered case

Lucha Libre!

Luis was looking for something outside the normal run of book cloth for this one... well, at least wanted to consider something else. So these sample cards are heading out for review. The foil stamping designs are ... more

Preliminary design sketch for a jig to facilitate drilling book blocks for Japanese stab bindings

Levis Strauss Japanese Stab Bindings

I got an email this morning asking if I could do 2500 Japanese stab bindings... Bit out of my normal run. But it does present some interesting problems. That's shorthand for "It captured my imagination and I got a lit... more

Working out the dimensions for a doll-house sized book-arts studio


wrote yesterday to see if I would make a 1/12 scale bonefolder for a project. I don't think many of my usual tools for bonefolder making will be useful this time! more

Nicely decorated parts for a fold-up sewing cradle

Your Tookit: Fold-Up Sewing Cradle

Nicely decorated parts for a fold-up sewing cradle more

Parts for the Charlie Cramer, Lyrical Landscapes portfolio

Charlie Cramer's Lyrical Landscape portfolio

The and sold out immediately. The first boxes for the remaining copies are on order to satisfy the post-fundraiser orders. I don't know exactly how large the edition is but I'm glad I have my copy. I fully expect ... more

Double walls assembled for Bill Owens 5 Decades portfolios

Catching up after the holidays

This is my favorite stage of box assembly; all the double walls prepared and stacked up before constructing the shell. I like the precision and pattern the pieces make. more

Preparing signatures for a business diary

Rushing through a daily planner

I shipped all my custom calender books in time before the end of the year. However, a referral turned up this new order. It's identical to Ross Rucker's design, so a little expedited printing and I'll get it on the be... more

5 boxes, freshly stamped with their titles prior to the final assembly steps

Germán Herrera's Cuba Portfolio

has ordered 4 boxes for his Cuba 1988 photos. The 5th box is a prototype to verify all the design details. The boxes have to be ready for so time is tight. I cut these late last night to get a jump on things. T... more

Typical bench notes for a box project

Designing a banner for my blog; Bench Marks

I'm always doing design sketches, notes and measurements on scraps of paper when I'm working so I thought I would use handwriting for my blog banner. Also, it would be somewhat harmonious with my bindery logo which wa... more

Sunrise at Dreaming Mind Studio

Room with a view

Sunrise at Dreaming Mind Studio more

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