Levis Strauss Japanese Stab Bindings

Preliminary design sketch for a jig to facilitate drilling book blocks for Japanese stab bindings

I got an email this morning asking if I could do 2500 Japanese stab bindings... Bit out of my normal run. But it does present some interesting problems. That's shorthand for "It captured my imagination and I got a little obsessed".

Here are some first thoughts on a drilling jig since drilling the holes for the sewing would be a first and potentially time consuming step.

Test sewing a variation of the Hemp Leaf pattern to get a baseline time estimate.

I've never actually sewn this Japanese stab binding pattern (variation of the Hemp Leaf Pattern) before. So I punched up some rough boards and ran through it to get a rough time estimate.

Anything X 2500 turns into a lot of hours. That's one week of work per minute of sewing.

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