Working out the dimensions for a doll-house sized book-arts studio

Ginger Burrell wrote yesterday to see if I would make a 1/12 scale bonefolder for a project. I don't think many of my usual tools for bonefolder making will be useful this time!

Doll-house sized bone folder laying on the scale drawing that guided its making

I think this might be close enough to size. It's almost too small to hold while working on it.

A tiny piece of cow bone almost cut through for the creation of a doll-house sized bone folder

If I was going to do this very often I'd have to find some different tools to use. The band saw is too big, brutal, and dangerous for this tiny work. The blade I have in my jeweler's saw is too fine. Where is Goldielocks when you need her?

I did go most of the way with the band saw but left a little tab connecting the pieces so it wouldn't chip or get lost when it cut loose. Then I finished with the jeweler's saw.

The rough blank for the doll-house sized bone folder

Still a bit big. But the basic shape is coming together. I'm not going to try to achieve true scale on the thickness. At that point it wouldn't be much more than a bone flake. Something that thin could be made out of a fingernail though. Did you ever imagine there was a more creepy material to make bone folders out of?

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