Jackson Nichol's Forcado portfolio

Getting started on Jackson Nichol's Forcado portfolio

Red boxes seem to be the order of the day. Jackson's portfolio FORCADO: Portuguese Bloodless Bullfighting in California has red shells and will have a red brocade (the same cloth used in the fine uniform jackets pictured in the work). The liners will be black.

The two shells for Jackson Nichol's portfolio, covered and ready for the next assembly sep

I got a bit of a surprise when I did my confirming measurements of the interior of this box. Rather than the expected 3/16" beyond the 16x20" size, I had only 1/6"! That may not be acceptable for Jackson.

I've got an email out to see if he wants to confirm the fit of his work or whether I should just remake the shells. In which case, I'll have a fine 'second' to sell at a discount.

Jackson Nichols in design consultation with Don Drake at Dreaming Mind Studio

Jackson came by to test his prints in the box. Everything is a go! I think I'm going to spend some time recalibrating my measuring devices. Each device varies a little bit at the best of times but it looks like I've got some drift in my board shear that needs correction.

Here I'm double checking the image sheet size compared to a top panel I cut for the box. Sure enough, time for some maintenance.

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