Bill Owens: 5 Decades

Materials for the Bill Owens 5 Decades boxes

This afternoon I got a couple of jobs shipped out and needed to shift gears. My paperwork is lagging behind but...

I've had these Bill Owens box assembled and waiting for a while now so I pulled out the cloth I needed to cover the shells.

Covering the shells of the Bill Owens 5 Decades boxes

That moves this project a little further down the road. I'll detail these and infill them in the morning.

The final 3 Bill Owens 5 Decades boxes stamped with the portfolio tile on the spine and cover

I had the three cases made for this project and did a test fit to the shells before stamping them. Unfortunately, the combination of the spines being cut about 1/2mm narrow and the joints being a little tight made the lids spring open slightly. I didn't want to trust that the problem would resolve so I remade the cases yesterday and stamped them today.

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