18" x 60" Portfolio

This is the third attempt to make a side panel for a 61.25 x 18" portfolio for a single panoramic print. The other attempts were either failures, suspect archival choices or too expensive. This one still needs some detailing to make it smooth and flat.

I've pasted additional layers of paper to both sides of the portfolio wall panels. This will keep the stresses balanced for nice flat panels and allow me to sand out surface imperfections

The panels are sanded out and look pretty good! Still not sure how I'm going to make this thing though.

Working out the covering details of a low profile portfolio

These low profile portfolios present a new problem in covering. This is a first approximation of the turning pattern for the corners. Just a proof of concept.

This edge-turning test case is very promising!

One more edge-turning test with properly dimensioned elements... well, hopefully one more.

The thicknesses seem to all be working out. I had to work this out so the gap exactly fit the thickness of the hinges

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