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I pulled my dry mount press out only to find one of the leveling brackets was broken. A weld let loose. Drilling and tapping the post to create a new attachment, since I don't have any welding tools.

The press is back together. The lid is properly attached and leveled to the bed. Ready to heat things up and move on!

Since I don't have welding equipment, a machine bolt and a washer screwed into the newly tapped hole from the bottom worked. The leveling post is remounted!

Small hand made chisel

I needed to make a slot 1/8" deep, 1/8" wide, and 1/2" long to set a magnet into. Exacto knives will only get you so far in a case like this. I made this small chisel to finish out the slot properly.

I think I need some harder steel around the studio. The 10p nail I used for his is pretty soft.

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